Freyssinet carpark and building joints are particularly suitable for the following traffic areas:

  • Covering slabs for car parks, particularly top-level parking areas where waterproofing is required
  • Fire service access, delivery or handling areas,
  • Depots, railway and bus stations, access ramps to halls or car parks, shopping malls, etc.

Our range of products, branded under the name Cimac®, cover all needs:

Traffic type

Thickness of surfacing material

< 100 mm

Thickness of surfacing material

>100  mm

Light-duty vehicles (axle load up to 20 kN) with no speed limitation Cimac LV  

Cimac HV+

Heavy-duty vehicles (axle load up to 130 kN) at limited speed (<50 km/h) Cimac HV

*Cimac HV+ allows the installation of cobblestones up to 10x10x10 cm.

Main advantages of our expansion joints

  • up to 50 mm for horizontal displacements
  • from -10mm to +10 mm for vertical displacements
  • from -20mm to +20 mm for transversal or rotational displacements

  • Simple and robust design – Two aluminum alloy profiles connected by an elastomer profile
  • Aluminum profile for corrosion protection
  • Prestressed anchorages
  • No deep groove

  • Two barriers against water leakage, including one not exposed to traffic
  • Continuity of the waterproofing system

Adapted to concrete and steel structures

No free-moving metal parts

« Enquête de technique nouvelle » SOCOTEC n° 180268080000003

Cimac joints consist of the following components:

  • an aluminum extruded profile
  • pre-stressed anchors
  • a continuous elastomeric profile connecting the metal elements and a dedicated membrane underneath to ensure the continuity of the waterproofing system
  • standard accessories such as intersection joints or T-joints.


For new structures, the joints can be anchored in a recess or on supporting elements by fixings pre-placed during the construction of the support.
For existing structures where such provisions have not been made, drilled, controlled tightening fixings can be used.

Download our CIMAC expansion joints CAD drawings


Our other type of expansion joints

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