Freyssibar® prestressing systems

Freyssinet has been implementing Freyssibar® systems since 2005. The range is engineered to meet all the needs and challenges facing the construction industry, from the most standard cases through to the most demanding applications.

We provide end-to-end services, including design studies, in-house manufacturing, installation, inspection and maintenance, or sale only depending on your needs.

  • Permanent or temporary prestressing
  • Internal (bonded or unbonded) or external prestressing
  • Replacement, retensioning, monitoring, encapsulation, etc

  • Bridges and viaducts
  • Marine works
  • Nuclear plants
  • Wind turbines
  • Oil and gas infrastructure
  • Temporary construction systems
  • Heavy lifting and handling
  • Geotechnical applications

  • Concrete
  • Steel
  • Masonry
  • Timber

  • Passive or active anchors
  • Restressable
  • Removable
  • Replaceable

  • Wide range of bar diameters
  • Different grades of steel including high strength capacity
  • Customized options such as prefabricated solutions or simple anchorages for temporary structures

  • European Technical Assessment: ETA 09/0169
  • CE Marking: 1683-CPR-0052

System components


The bars are hot-rolled from high-strength alloy steel. They are subsequently cold worked by stretching, then threaded over their full length by cold rolling to ensure high fatigue resistance and low susceptibility to corrosion. Every bar is stress-tested to 85% of its guaranteed ultimate tensile strength.

The bars are available in maximum lengths of 11.8 m, in diameters 26.5 to 50mm. For longer lengths, bars can be connected together using extension sleeves.

Used for jacking or heavy loads movement operations
  • Guaranteed strength thanks to the
    stretching operation during production
  • Control of losses during stressing
  • Product available on stock
    Accurate and easy assembly on site


The bars are produced using a heat treatment process that delivers enhanced mechanical performance. They offer a superior combination of mechanical strength and ductility as compared with conventional prestressing bars.

The bars are available in maximum lengths of 11.8 m, in standard diameters 55 to 97mm (other diameters on request). They are supplied with threaded ends; the thread length can be adjusted on request.

They are used for seismic protection or strapping and lifting operations.
  • Very high capacity bars available
    (diameters > 100mm on request)
  • High ductility - elongation at break of 10%
  • Tensioning with light equipment
    Resistant to very low temperatures

Freyssibar characteristics

Freyssibar configuration

The Freyssibar and Freyssibar+ systems include a wide range of threaded bars and associated anchoring, coupling and extension devices.


Mobile couplers are used to connect two bars together on their main run. The duct is adapted by the coupler to provide unhindered movement during tensioning.
A fixed coupler is used to extend a prestressing unit already under tension by screwing a coupler to the end of the bar protruding from the anchor. In this case, the coupler barely moves during tensioning. A special cap is used to ensure a continuous duct.

Freyssibar - Couplers
Freyssibar - Anchors


The anchors are designed to anchor the force in the bar and transfer it to the structure.
The flat anchors, used in most cases, consist of a straight nut, a washer and an anchor plate. A groove in the anchor plate allows the injection product to circulate between the duct and the cap.
Spherical anchors compensate for perpendicular alignment issues between the bar axis and the bearing surface when used on existing structures: up to 3° for type 1, other cases for type 2.

Protection against corrosion

The alkaline nature of the grout renders the steels into a passive state. It produces bonded prestressing.

It is used for unbonded prestressing, so that the residual prestressing force can be checked over time. The bar can be re-tensioned or replaced if necessary.

Freyssibar - Corrosion protection - Wax injection

It can be used for external prestressing. Thanks to the compact design, the bars can be introduced in small holes.

The protected bar is positioned directly in the rebar arrangement and equipped with its embedded anchor. It is often used to anchor a metal structure to a solid concrete foundation. The compact design allows for easier fitting into a dense reinforcement.

Freyssibar - Corrosion protection - By wax tape during prefabrication

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