ISOSISM® Shock Transmission Unit (STU)

ISOSISM® connectors create a rigid connection between the superstructure and the supporting structures during quick displacements typical of seismic events and allow free movement in normal operating conditions.

ISOSISM connection system STU

  • 200+
    Number of projects worldwide
  • 2,000+
    Number of units installed worldwide


01. Effective behavior under earthquake

The ISOSISM® STU act as rigid connection, distributing horizontal forces to the supports on which it is installed. The device works like a high-pressure hydraulic jack, correlating to the velocity of the load application.

02. No disturbance under normal operating conditions

Very low resistance to slow displacements that occur in service conditions (temperature variations, shrinkage, creep, etc)

03. Cost-savings

Reduced civil engineering costs at construction stage and for maintenance and repair throughout the life cycle.

04. Durability

Corrosion protection system, in accordance with EN 12944-2. The external compensation chamber allows thermal expansion of the hydraulic fluid to avoid overpressure and leakages.

ISOSISM® Shock Transmission Unit specifications

Adapted to all types of structures, new or existing ones
Reaction force
500 to 4000 kN depending on model.
Lower or higher value possible for special applications
100 to 200 mm depending on model.
Lower or higher value possible for special applications
Optimized design to project specifications
Compliant with all international standards,
CE marking on request
Different installation configurations depending on the space available

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