Why choose ISOSISM damping systems?

01. Preservation of the structure integrity

Reduction of earthquake effects on the structure, by absorption of the energy. They also enable critical buildings, such as hospitals, to continue operating.

02. Continuity of activity

For critical buildings, such as hospitals.

03. Seismic retrofitting

Effective protection for structures that were not originally designed to withstand seismic activity.

04. Cost savings

Reduced civil engineering costs at construction stage, and maintenance and repair costs throughout the life cycle

05. Maintenance free

Limited to periodic visual inspection throughout the design life

06. Versatility

New constructions or retrofit purposes.

07. Certified products

Compliant with all international standards, CE marking on request.

08. Taylor made

Optimized design to project specifications

ISOSISM® FD (Fluid Damper)

The ISOSISM® FD is a hydraulic damper using a viscous fluid that is stable under temperature variations and over time. It is made up of a body with two chambers separated by a piston. The damper operates in both tension and compression.

The damping is provided by the viscous fluid flowing through the piston, which is equipped with specially designed valves.

The system can be used in addition to isolators for bridges and buildings, and bracing in buildings.

Applications: bridges, buildings, energy infrastructures, water infrastructures, stadiums.
  • Allows free movement of the structure
    under normal service conditions
  • Dissipates energy during an earthquake
  • Can be designed as a fixed point in service

ISOSISM® PDS (Prestressing Damping Spring)

The ISOSISM® PDS combines the benefits of a viscous fluid damper and a prestressed hydraulic spring. It offers three major functions in a single,compact device:
    In normal operating conditions, the system acts as fixed point. In the event of an earthquake, the device is automatically tensioned and dissipates the energy. After the earthquake, it returns the structure to its original position.

    Applications: bridges, buildings, energy infrastructures, water infrastructures, stadiums.
  • Prevents movement in normal operating conditions (fixed point).
  • Dissipates energy during an earthquake
  • Recentering capability

ISOSISM® DDD (Displacement Dependent Device)

The ISOSISM® DDD is a metallic yielding damper, whose performance is given by its shape and material. It prevents movements in normal operating conditions. During earthquakes, it deforms to absorb the energy of the earthquake and must be replaced thereafter. It is often combined with a pot bearing -as shown on the picture- and a Shock Transmitter Unit.

Applications: bridges, buildings, energy infrastructures, water infrastructures, stadiums.
  • Prevents movement in service conditions (fixed point)

    Coupled with the STU, it provides a low reaction

    to slow movements
  • Absorbs energy during an earthquake
  • Very stable cyclic behavior

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