The Naples-Bari High-Speed Railway Line’s Cancello Frasso lot is making remarkable progress

Exciting news! The Naples-Bari High-Speed Railway Line's Cancello Frasso lot is making remarkable progress with the successful VI06 viaduct launch!

Well done to FPC ITALIA SPA!  Our Italian teams have designed and produced the cutting-edge Tetron® SB-D railway dielectric spherical bearings, adhering to stringent RFI specifications.
The Tetron® SB-D bearings can handle vertical loads ranging from 4900 kN to over 5000 kN, horizontal loads over 5000 kN and movements up to 300 mm. Their technology makes them ideal for reliable high-speed rail operations.

Ensuring safety! The fixed bearings are thoughtfully designed with a damping ring to effectively distribute eccentric effects caused by passing trains on double-track decks, as per RFI specifications.