Reconstruction of the East River Bridge in Reunion Island

The works carried out by Freyssinet France since October 2021 consist in completely rebuilding the bridge built in 1893 to transform it into a pedestrian bridge, while preserving its great architectural value. 

What has happened since our previous publication in July?

The deck and the cables have been fully removed! 

– Our on-site teams are now preparing to install the new elements. 

What are the characteristics of the bridge? 

– Overlooking a ravine of more than 45 meters, the structure is an Arnaudin suspension bridge, with partial cable-staying, with a span between pylons of 150 m.  

– The structure has been modified several times in order to adapt to the evolution of traffic (1934/1960/1971/1976). Access to vehicles was interrupted in 1979, when a concrete bridge was built nearby. 

By mid-2023, this unique historical monument in Reunion Island will have been restored to its original 1893 appearance.