Inauguration of Thu Thiem 2 bridge in Ho Chi Minh City

This new cable-stayed bridge links the centre of Ho Chi Minh City to a new urban development area on the east bank of the Saigon River, which is expected to accommodate 16,000 residents and 450,000 employees.  

We provided a full service as the main contractor on this project, including the cable system and assembly of the structure. We are particularly proud to have contributed to the achievement of this particularly elegant structure, which is likely to become an emblem of Ho Chi Minh City. 

Scope of work

Our Major Projects Department, in collaboration with Freyssinet Vietnam and the local construction company Thien An, carried out the following works: 

– Shop drawings and geometry control, in collaboration with WSP Finland  

– Steel work for the bridge and pylon, including supply, painting and delivery by barges  

– Assembly of the steel segments of the main span with a lifting frame 

– Design, supply and installation of stay cables  

– Design, supply and installation of bearings and expansion joints  

– Cladding structure   

– Supply and installation of the Health Monitoring System  

Thanks to our Customer, Dai Quang Minh Real Estate Corporate and to Dasan Korea engineering consultant for their trust and our excellent collaboration. All those involved in this project have shown a great deal of adaptability in order to complete the project despite the many hazards of the Covid period! 

A distinctive design, a new symbol of the city 

Thu Thiem Bridge 2 is designed as a gateway to the new urban area. It is an asymmetrical concrete structure with a main span of 200 metres and a back span of 115 metres. The stay cables support a 27-metre wide concrete deck with 6 traffic lanes and pedestrian and two-wheelers on both sides. 

The ratio between the main and back spans, as well as the inclination of the 113-metre-high pylon, which elegantly leans towards the new urban area, provide a particularly balanced design. There is no doubt that this beautiful structure will become a new landmark of the city of Ho Chi Minh.