Waterproofing of a pumped storage scheme in India

Through our subsidiary Carpi Tech, we will work on the upper and lower reservoirs of the 1,200-MW Pinnapuram Integrated Renewable Energy Pumped Storage Project in the southern part of India.  We take care of the engineering, procurement and construction of the waterproofing solution for Greenko Group, a renewable energy owner and operator.

How do Pumped Storage Schemes work?

The water is released from the upper reservoir, which produces energy through the turbines. When facing an extra power that cannot be used in the grid, the energy is employed to pump the water back from the lower reservoir to the upper one.

This system is a fast-growing solution for the green storage of energy, especially intermittent energy.

On Pinnapuram project, Carpi Tech will use SIBELON®️ geomembranes, which are a well proven solution for the waterproofing of reservoirs and high-pressure structures.  The geomembrane is manufactured in a factory. It is economical, quick to install and has a much lower carbon footprint than other technical approaches.

The construction work on the reservoirs is underway. Carpi Tech will start the waterproofing work in a few months, we will keep you posted!


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