Waterproofing works by CarpiTech for Site C Clean Energy Project

Site C is a new hydroelectric generating station located in northeast Bristish Columbia in Canada. Owned and operated by BC Hydro, it will be a third dam and generating station on the Peace River. Site C will provide 1,100 megawatts of capacity and about 5,100 gigawatt hours of energy each year to the provinces integrated electricity system. 

The project includes a water supply channel located on the South bank of the Peace River, whose primary purpose is to divert the river from its current course around the earth fill dam to the powerhouse. The channel is about 800 m long, 300 m wide at the top, with a depth of about 27 m. 



Carpi Tech, our geomembrane specialist subsidiary, was appointed by the AFDE Partnership to supply and implement an effective and watertight lining system to prevent reservoir water from entering the foundation rock of the approach channel. 

  • Carpi Tech’s design and engineering team developed an ad-hoc engineering solution to meet the stringent design and safety requirements. 
  • It consists of the integration of different lining systems to form a multi-layered, flexible and seismically tolerant watertight barrier, which includes different SIBELON® geomembranes.  
  • This tailor-made solution was validated by comprehensive full-scale test campaigns carried out by independent European laboratories before being approved for the project.  

Once built, Site C will be a source of clean, reliable and affordable electricity in British Columbia for more than 100 years.


The overall project started in 2015, the installation work by Carpi started at the end of July 2022 and is currently underway. The first generators will be online in 2024 and the project will be completed in 2025.  


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