Welcome to our new website!

The Freyssinet website has been revamped to offer greater, richer technical content, more practical features, and a streamlined user experience, reflecting the spirit of innovation that drives us.

More in-depth content and greater expertise

To share our know-how, our expertise, and our projects, our content has been enriched with 65 new pages presenting our technologies, solutions, and services. The pages are illustrated by:

  • 80 case studies,
  • 35 employee and customer testimonials,
  • 2,600 photos and videos,
  • 150 brochures, technical datasheets, and drawings.

All this content has been designed for you, clients, architects, design offices, project owners, candidates, partners, and journalists.

A modern interface to highlight them

The new interface in the Freyssinet colors has been redesigned for the occasion. Offering a more flexible, dynamic navigation, it displays a wide variety of information and makes ample use of photos and visuals. Browsing is also made easier thanks to better internal linking, download modules, and more direct access to the contact details and sites of our country subsidiaries.

A collective project by Freyssinet employees

This new site is the outcome of a team effort, which mobilized nearly 70 Freyssinet employees, bringing together a set of contents that is unique in the civil engineering world.

Check out what is new :