Construction of a foot and cycle bridge in Irča Vas, Slovenia 

This new footbridge designed as a stress-ribbon bridge has been awarded a prize. The Slovenian footbridge crossing the Krka river convinced the jury for its inventive structural concept and harmonious integration into the natural environment among 13 bridge competing entries.

The length of the bridge is 120 m, its width is 4 m and the thin superstructure is only 42 cm thick. The span structure consists of 46 prefabricated elements; the segments on each side of the bridge, each 5 m long, are cast in place.

What are the stages of the work?

  • The precast elements are installed on 4 bearing cables in HDPE ducts, each with 47 strands.
  • The bearing cables are fully tensioned prior to the installation of the elements.
  • Once all loads are installed on the bridge, two additional 55-strand cables with in corrugated HDPE ducts are tensioned and grouted.

Freyssinet Adria is responsible for the construction method concept and design, the supply and installation of the 6 cables and the installation of the 46 precast elements.


Freyssinet work started in August 2022, with completion scheduled for November 2022.

Main project stakeholders:

Client: Municipality of Novo mesto
Design offices: Ponting BridgesPipenbaher Consulting Engineers Jereb and Budja Architects
Contractor: JV CGP Novo mesto and Freyssinet Adria