Inspection of Sydney subway viaducts, Australia

Do you know that beyond construction and renovation works, Freyssinet is also able to carry out visual inspection to ensure the integrity of your equipments? 

Last major project: a 12-month visual inspection for Sydney Subway MTS NorthWest railway network. Freyssinet Australia is in charge of coordinating an internal and external inspection of all 120 spans of the substructure and superstructure, and a more detailed inspection of all post-tensioning systems, bearings and the stay cable bridge over Windsor Road. 

 ‍What were the 3 keys of success for this project? 

  • A specific inspection methodology to ensure that all elements were inspected to the level of detail required by the client and recorded on their report template. 
  • A good coordination as the inspection schedule had to suit with track possessions: during short periods and at specific rail shutdowns. 
  • Adaptability in terms of access, as work in and around the road network in certain locations has not been easy. 

#sustainabletechnology: for the bearings inspection, we used a pole with a HD camera, instead of a machine access that would have used fuel. 


 The project is scheduled on time and should be completed in the weeks to come.