PT slabs for Alamein downtown towers in New Alamein City, Egypt

Heading to the Mediterranean Sea of Egypt, monumental towers made of post-tensioned floor slabs will emerge soon. When completed, they will be part of the landscape of a new tourism, education and government district for 3 million residents, offering an alternative to the overcrowded capital of Cairo. 

For this flagship project, we are involved in the development of shop drawings, supply and implementation of approximately 800 tons of PostTensioning cables for 2 towers (46 slabs each). The total built area for both towers is 294,000 m2. 

What are the advantages of post-tensioned floor slabs? 

Longer slab spans requiring fewer columns and offering greater freedom in terms of layout 

– Reduced floor thicknesses, allowing for a reduction in overall height or an increase in the number of floors in the structure 

– Elimination of uneven soffits, making it easier to install electrical, air conditioning and other services 



– Significant reduction in carbon footprint compared to an equivalent traditional reinforced concrete design. Optimal savings of 20-25% can be achieved. 

– Better control of shrinkage cracking for better watertightness and therefore greater durability. 

– Material savings (concrete and steel) 

– Shorter construction schedule due to reduction of materials to be installed 


We have started to work on the shop drawings in July of this year.