Reinforcement of 3 viaducts on the A9 French highway Le Boulou

Following the widening of the A9 French highway on the Le Boulou - Spanish border section, Freyssinet France, in collaboration with GTM Sud-Ouest TP GC - VINCI Construction France, is working to reinforce 3 of the 4 viaducts using additional prestressing and bonded carbon composite materials.

The setting of this 2-year project requires exceptional measures:

  1. Biodiversity: to protect two species of swallows that usually nest under the decks, we have installed narrow-mesh nets on the entire underside, as advised by our environmental study office.
  2. Access management: the height of the piers, up to 65 m for the Pox viaduct for example, requires the installation of suspended scaffolding, or even negative platforms in some cases.
  3. Logistics: considering the high relief crossed by these structures, we split the life base in two, thus reducing travel time on site.

The work on the Pox viaduct is almost finalized and we are currently dismantling the first suspended scaffolding. In October, we will begin work on the Calcine viaduct, before continuing with the Rome viaduct.

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