800 seismic isolators delivered for Puente Industrial, future longest bridge of Chile

In just 8 months, our industrial plant in Italy and Freyssinet Chile have manufactured, tested and shipped over 400 ISOSISM® LRB seismic isolators to Chile. They will be installed on the Puente Industrial, a 2.5 km long bridge located south of Santiago!

The engineering and construction of this bridge is a major challenge, particularly due to the characteristics of the soil and the seismic activity of the region. The bridge will count 56 spans, each 45 m long, and will be composed of 7 concrete precast beams placed on seismic isolators. 

By choosing to use seismic devices, the designer reduces the size of the piles and optimizes the foundations. Within Freyssinet, we observe an average saving of 15% on the overall cost of the project. Also, this avoids loss of operation and significant reconstruction costs as the bridge remains operational after an earthquake. 

Puente industrial in CHile seismic protection


Did you know Freyssinet had renowned teams specialized in earthquake protection devices in Italy?  

  • A design office in Milan 
  • A production site of bearings, expansion joints and ISOSISM® devices in Montebello, close to Milan 
  • A laboratory called ISOLAB where we perform qualification and production tests according to international standards (EN 15129, AASHTO, AS 5100, NCh2745, etc.). It is the most active laboratory in Europe in dynamic testing for earthquake engineering. 

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