Main use cases

Prestressed structures

Freyssinet bar systems are widely used to create prestressed structures, especially for repair and strengthening.
  • Bridges, dams
  • Buildings
  • Civil engineering structures


When fitting additional prestressing tendons to existing structures, sheaves and deviation points need to be created. The anchoring system for the ends of the tendons is fitted to the sheaves, while the main runs are guided through the deviation points. In this case, Freyssinet prestressing bars are used to fix the sheaves to the existing structure that needs strengthening by generating a transverse nailing force that creates the necessary friction between each sheaf and the structure.
  • Bridges decks
  • Beams
  • Slabs

Anchoring structural elements

To create a stable and long-lasting joint between structural elements, such as securing steel and concrete components, they can simply be tightened together with prestressing. The Freyssinet system ensures a long-term compression joint.
  • Wind turbines
  • Towers
  • Antennas

Assembling precast elements

Whether for temporary or permanent applications, Freyssinet bar system offers a simple and effective solution for assembling concrete elements with prestressing bars.
  • Viaducts built with launching gantries
  • Floating caissons, bridge piers, silos
  • 3D-Printed buildings

Moving heavy loads

The Freyssinet system and its accessories are easy to use and deliver superior strength and reliability for moving heavy loads. The system transfers the force that is required to move the structure using extremely light equipment.
  • Sliding, pushing
  • Hoisting
  • Driving

Connection with a foundation

Micropiles and post-tensioning bars can be combined to create a simple and effective foundation for an existing or precast structure. The prestressing bars create a friction joint between the structure and the sole plate, which is built on micropiles, without the need for a complex and dense arrangement of reinforcement.
  • Bridge piers
  • Columns

Fixing launching noses

Fixing a launching nose to a deck requires the use of high prestressing forces in a confined space. Designers are often faced with the problem of how to arrange the bars in the available space. The wide range of possibilities offered by Freyssinet bar systems makes this process much easier, since they improve the forces applied to each assembly while reducing the number of bars.
  • Incrementally launched bridges
  • De-launching

Carriage form travelers and launching gantries

When it comes to temporarily fixing a carriage form traveler or launching gantry, a quick, easy and reliable solution is needed that can be used over and over again. The Freyssinet system ticks all the boxes, which explains why its use has become widespread.
  • Construction of bridge decks
  • Decks

Fixing brackets

The principle of transferring the load from a bracket to a structure by friction can be achieved using prestressing bars. Controlling the force applied during the process is essential for the performance of the joint and the safety of the structure.
  • Jacking structures
  • Widening pier caps and decks
  • Balconies

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