Freyssinet relies on solid skills and experience to repair, strengthen, and protect all types of dam structures. Our interventions range from basic repairs to stability enhancement, spillways and spillway gates rehabilitation, radial gate anchors strengthening, seismic upgrade, asbestos containing coating removal, etc. When it comes to waterproofing, you can count on our specialist subsidiary Carpi, the most experienced waterproofing geomembranes contractor worldwide.

  • 200+
    Large dams of all types
  • 100+
    Reservoirs for water supply, irrigation, hydropower, recreational use
  • 80+
    Canals, hydraulic tunnels and shafts
  • 50+
    Underground and environment protection structures

Dams main challenges

Dam failure results in a catastrophic break followed by a flood wave often with considerable loss of life or property. Over time, water infrastructures degrade and lose their watertightness due to water and environment attack, settlements, and deformations.

Poor bearing conditions can ultimately lead to instability of the structure.

Excessive water infiltration due to inadequate or non-existent drainage can lead to uplift forces on the structure.

Water seeping through cracks of the concrete facing and dislocation of the masonry works.

Concrete surfaces abraded by erosion due to the very high velocity waters

Concrete cracks in the body of the dam, water infiltrations, failed masonry joints, etc.

Modernization can be required to meet the requirements of new seismic regulations.

A specialised service covered by a global guarantee

From investigation to execution

Our solutions and technologies for dams

We offer our services for large-scale repair programs involving substantial engineering input, harsh conditions such as remote areas, low temperatures, work under water, difficult access or heavy logistic constraints.

  • Visual and drone inspections
  • Condition assessment using various inspection and monitoring techniques

  • Asbestos containing material removal
  • Hydro-demolition
  • Rejointing of masonry
  • Abrasion-resistant mortar relining

Concrete restoration solutions

Masonry structures

  • Prestressed ground anchors
  • Concrete works
  • Earthquake resistance concrete struts

Structural strengthening solutions

Composite reinforcements

  • Prevention: water vapour barriers, hydrophobic impregnation, flexible micro-porous coatings
  • Control: re-alkalisation, free chloride extraction, corrosion inhibitors
  • Protection: galvanic protection, impressed cathodic current protection

Corrosion protection solutions

  • Imperviousness systems: rigid cement and resin-based mortar linings, epoxy and polyethylene coatings, etc
  • Watertightness systems: semi-flexible glass epoxy composites, glass vinyl ester composites, Carpi thermoplastic waterproofing geomembranes, semi-flexible welded HDPE sheets, flexible polyurethane or polyurea coatings,
  • Joint bridging
  • Biogenic corrosion protection systems: calcium cement aluminate mortars, hybrid polyurethane, etc

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