Composite reinforcements

Fibre-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) reinforcements involve bonding tensile composite reinforcements to the surface of structural members to increase their crack resistance and load bearing capacity. FRP reinforcements are often used for flexural strengthening of beams and slabs, shear strengthening of beams and confinement of columns.
Freyssinet has always developed proprietary systems to offer the highest level of performance and quality of work:

  • Bending strengthening of columns, walls, beams, slabs, etc.
  • Strengthening of beams to resist shear forces
  • Reinforcement of the bursting strength of water retaining structures
  • Improving the seismic resistance of buildings, tanks, etc.
  • Improving the bearing capacity of columns by confinement
  • Strengthening of steel structures to resist bending or fatigue, without welding.

FRP reinforcements can be used in conjunction with a fire protection system.


Composite reinforcements


01. Very high tensile strength

02. High structural bonding

03. High durability

04. Lightweight

05. Quick return to service

06. No reduction in gauging

07. No maintenance cost

08. Can be protected against fire and UV

Structural analysis and strengthening

All associated services are included

Composite reinforcement solutions

Externally bonded CFRP fabric reinforcements – FOREVA® TFC

Carbon fibre reinforced polymer fabric reinforcement systems consist of unidirectional or bidirectional carbon fabrics saturated and bonded to the substrate by impregnation with epoxy resins.
  • Application on flat
    and curves surfaces
  • Increased bending, shear
    and seismic resistance
  • Tested for long-term performance

Externally bonded CFRP laminate reinforcements – FOREVA® LFC

Prefabricated carbon fibre reinforced polymer laminates are bonded to the flat concrete surfaces of structural elements that require tensile or flexural strengthening.
  • Application on flat surfaces
  • Extremely high strength
    and stiffness
  • Do not rust or corrode

Embedded CFRP rod reinforcements – FOREVA® RFC

Prefabricated rods made of carbon fibre reinforced polymer are embedded in grooves in the concrete pavement and anchored with cement or resin-based mortar. These systems are widely used for flexural strengthening.
  • Embedded in the concrete cover
  • Extremely high strength and stiffness
  • Do not rust or corrode

Glass or Aramid FRP fabric protections

Glass and Aramid fibre fabric systems consist of unidirectional or bidirectional fabrics and impregnated epoxy resins. GFRP systems are used to protect CFRP systems from harsh environmental conditions and AFRP systems are used to protect concrete elements from impact.
  • Protection against
    harsh environmental conditions
  • Protection against impacts

Design assistance with e-TFC

We provide design offices with our online calculation software to pre-dimension Carbon Fiber Polymer reinforcements.

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