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An Dong bridge’s multihole saddle

The latest generation of Freyssinet’s multihole saddle, which offers improved performance and durability, was used for the first time on Vietnam’s An Dong extradosed bridge.

Pertuiset bridge – Stay cables replacement

Freyssinet's teams were enlisted to strengthen the deck, execute the 23 pairs of high-tech stay cables replacement and maintain structural fittings.

Allonne bridge construction by rotation

Installation of a cable-stayed bridge by rotation over a heavily trafficked motorway whose configuration does not allow for a traditional incremental launching construction method.

Immingham bridge: underpass autofonçage

Meticulous contingency planning and an innovative underpass bridge sliding technique were the keys that enabled a crucial railway line to reopen on time despite the British weather.

Adelaïde Superway erected with a launching gantry

Connecting north and south Adelaïde, the South Road Superway includes a 2.8-km elevated roadway. Freyssinet proposed the balanced cantilever erection with launching gantry as the most beneficial construction method.

Çayırköy viaduct incremental launching

While incremental launching was the most appropriate method to construct the viaduct, it required complete rethinking to adapt to the project’s unusual configuration.

Yuen Long Station LTR footbridge erection

The project involves the construction of two 50m-long bridges above the light rail tracks, in non-traffic hours only, making the use of conventional erection method impossible.

TMCLK Link in Hong-Kong: balanced cantilever erection

As part of the design-build project for a set of precast segmental bridges, choice of the erection method was key to its achievement. Opting for the balanced cantilever erection with launching gantry made the difference.

Ihsaniye viaduct incremental launching

Important savings in raw material and optimized execution planning were some of the many advantages of the alternative solution proposed by Freyssinet to build the Ihsaniye viaduct.

Hammersmith innovative post-tensioning system

Conventional solutions for strengthening a critical viaduct in west London proved impractical and led to the development of a ‘plug and play’ post-tensioning system and bespoke erection equipment.