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Sultan Yavuz Selim, the hybrid bridge

The third Bosphorus crossing pushed stay cable technology to the next level, combining a traditional suspension system with high-strength cables to stabilise the bridge and future-proof it for trains.

Russky Island cable-stayed bridge

Russky Island cable-stayed bridge pushed the limit for cable-stayed structures, its main span setting a new world record and demanding extra-long cables designed for the region’s harsh climate.

Saemangeum bridge’s ultra-strong cables

A South Korean initiative to support new innovation has prompted the development of ultra-high-strength wire for parallel strand cables being installed on a cable-stayed bridge on the west coast.

Geoga cable-stayed bridge

Located in an exposed offshore area subject to high-speed winds and to potential typhoons, the cable-stayed bridge had to be equipped with the most robust cable anti-vibration system and durable stay cables.

Bai Chay cable-stayed bridge

Concern over the magnitude of wind loading and potential for vibration that was predicted on the Bai Chay cable-stayed bridge in Vietnam led to the introduction of new, compact stay cables.

Millau viaduct construction

The unique launching procedure that was employed to build the deck of France’s prestigious Millau Viaduct put construction and cable-stay technology to the test.

Completion of a new cable-stayed bridge in Hungary: light, elegant and technical

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Two recent Freyssinet innovations were implemented on this bridge: Multihole deviation saddles allowing the cables to be run from the back spans to the central span, through the pylon. Local Cohesive Strand technology for the cables, allowing a triple corrosion protection barrier of the strands in a targeted manner. This is the first use in…

New cable-stayed bridge in Bangkok: installation of cables to start soon!

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The future bridge, called Rama III bridge, will be parallel to the stay cable Rama IX bridge built in 1987 over the Chao Phraya river. It is also a cable-stayed bridge with two H-shaped pylons, with a main span of 450 m and 152 stay cables of lengths ranging from 40.5 to 233.7 m.  …