We accompany you from design to implementation by developing for you an innovative solution, specifying UHPC performances adapted for your project and checking with you the feasibility and economy of the solution.

  • Applications
    Tunnels & culverts
    Port & waterway structures
Structural strengthening

Why choose UHPFRC for your project?

Integrated into a repair or strengthening solution, the cost of the UHPFRC is less critical compared to the gains in terms of economic and environmental efficiency (less amount of materials to be used, absence or less amount of reinforcement) and speed of the works on site.

UHPFRC proves to be a material perfectly adapted to the solutions of repair and strengthening of concrete structures, which make it possible to fully exploit its intrinsic performance as well as its flexibility of implementation.

Thanks to its exceptional mechanical strength, its ability to extend the life of structures in aggressive environments and its flexibility of implementation, the UHPFRC makes it possible to achieve highly optimized and economical technical solutions.

This innovative technology has necessitated the development of a new framework for both computational and operational use (manufacturing, implementation and constructive arrangements). The many positive feedbacks resulting from this development now allow its standardization and its specification in the projects.


01. Exceptional strength

Thanks to its compressive strength ranging from 130 MPa to 200 MPa, the UHPC makes it possible to achieve reinforcements of small dimensions and limited weight.

02. Post-crack tensile strength

It makes it possible to dispense with the traditional secondary reinforcement

03. Resistance to penetration

Protects facings from the penetration of water or chlorides

04. Resistance to external aggression

Resists shocks and impacts, in particular a high resistance to hydraulic abrasion

05. High durability

Does not corrode. Limits maintenance costs

06. Flexibility of implementation

Cast in place, prefabricated or wet sprayed
Accompanying our clients

From investigation to implementation

Fields of application for UHPFRC

Different types of application

Sprayed UHPC solution

The result of a partnership with LafargeHolcim initiated in 2016, sprayed Ductal® is an innovation that offers new fields of application for UHPC in the field of repair and reinforcement.
  • Ideal for of large surfaces
  • Thin shell spraying
  • Without formwork constraints

Prefabricated UHPC solution

Self-levelling UHPCs make it possible to prefabricate compact, high-precision parts with particularly high mechanical performance after heat treatment.
  • Compactness
  • Exceptional compressive strength
  • Quality of execution

Cast in place UHPC solution

UHPC is generally self-compacting but can also be thixotropic to accept a slight slope without formwork. They are usually applied to damaged rafts or slabs or are used to waterproof bridges decks.
  • Self-levelling or slightly thixotropic
  • Pompable over great distances
  • Manufacture with a
    mixing plant on site

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