Freyssinet guide bearings

It is made up of a bottom plate with a rail and a top plate with two guides.

It is designed to accept horizontal movements in the axis of the rail and to transfer perpendicular horizontal loads (it allows movement on one axis and rotation on two axes). It does not take up vertical load.

The shear key is usually combined with free-sliding bearings on either side of it. It allows the “guiding” function to be separated from the bearings, which is usually necessary with very high horizontal loads.

It is made up of a bottom plate and a top plate connected by a pin.

It supports horizontal loads on both axes of the bridge.

It does not support vertical loads and does not allow any movement

Like the shear key, it is usually combined with free sliding bearings.


Why choose TETRON® guide and restraint bearings for your project

01. Cost-effective solution

  • For high horizontal loads
  • For horizontal movements (shear key) or rotations (pin key)
  • 02. Robustness

  • Simple design
  • Careful selection of components and materials
  • 03. Taylor made

    Custom design to suit the type of structure and the needs of the project.

    04. Adaptable to all standards

    Compliance with all national and international standards.

    05. Certified product

    CE marking for EN standard (n°1833-CPR-0050)


    Download our Guide bearings certificate.
    Type of structure
    All types of bridges, well suited to seismic areas
    Maximum horizontal load
    Up to 5,000 kN for standard models
    Up to 20,000 kN for custom models
    Maximum rotation (pin key)
    Up to 30 mrad
    Movement capacity
    No limit
    Design life
    50 years
    Allowable temperature
    From -35°C to +48°C

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