ISOGLIDE® for compact and stronger bearings

ISOGLIDE® for compact and stronger bearings

As a new feature, all Freyssinet spherical bearings are now using ISOGLIDE® material instead of pure PTFE.

  • ISOGLIDE® accepts higher stresses than PTFE (compression strength of 180 N/mm2), which in most cases makes it possible to reduce the dimensions of the bearing.
    • Friction factor <2% in a moderate temperature range
    • Friction factor <3,5% at very low temperatures
  • It is also five times more resistant to wear than PTFE (up to 50 km), which is particularly interesting for uses involving frequent and repetitive movements and rotation. It allows extended service life with reduced maintenance costs.

Last but not least, it is resistant to extreme temperatures, from -50°C to 90°C.


Why choose TETRON® SB bearings

01. Cost effective solution

  • For high vertical loads, up to 200 000 kN
  • Horizontal and lateral loads, up to 100 000 kN
  • Significant rotation, up to 200 mrad
  • 02. Durable, low maintenance

  • ISOGLIDE® high-strength, high-durability sliding material
    (up to 50 km according to EN 1337-7)
  • Chromium surfacing
  • 03. The smallest footprint

    The ISOGLIDE® high-strength, high-durability sliding material allows the spherical bearing to be smaller than any other type of bearing - a feature that can be particularly attractive when space is limited.

    04. Taylor made

    Custom design to suit the type of structure and the needs of the project.

    05. Adaptable to all standards

    Designed for all national and international standards.

    06. Certified product

    CE marking for EN standard and Tetron SB with Isoglide® sliding material.

    07. Usable as a launching bearing

    For launching operations instead of temporary stools.

    08. Usable as an anti-uplift system

    Specific design available to withstand tension loads.


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    Type of structure
    All bridges (including wide, curved and suspension bridges), buildings, stadiums, water and energy infrastructures.
    Maximum vertical load
    50 000 kN for standard models, up to 200 000 kN for custom models
    Maximum horizontal load
    50% of vertical load for standard models, 100 000 kN for custom models
    Maximum rotation
    50 mrad in practice (no theoretical limit)
    Movement capacities
    No limit
    Design life
    60 years
    Allowable temperature
    From -50°C to +90°C

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