Linear rocker bearing

The linear rocker bearing is made up of a lower metal plate on which a rocker oscillates; shear pins hold the rocker in place.

The product is available in fixed, free sliding and guided sliding versions.

Linear bearings can support vertical and horizontal loads on one axis.

They allow rotation on a single axis and movement on a single axis.


Why choose TETRON® linear rocker bearings for your project

01. Cost-effective solution

For metal bridge structures

02. High rotation capacity

Adapted to flexible structures

03. Highly durable, low maintenance

  • Simple design
  • Careful selection of components and materials
  • Can be supplied in stainless steel for aggressive environments
  • 04. Economic

    Low manufacturing, installation and maintenance costs

    05. Taylor made

    Custom design to suit the type of structure and the needs of the project

    06. Adaptable to all standards

    Designed for all national and international standards


    Type of structure
    Steel bridges
    Maximum vertical load
    Moderate loads
    Maximum horizontal load
    Up to 30% of vertical load
    Maximum rotation
    Up to 50 mrad
    Movement capacity
    No limit
    Design life
    50 years
    Allowable temperature
  • With PTFE: from -35°C to +48°C
  • With ISOGLIDE: from -50°C to +90°C
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