Cable systems: aesthetic enhancement solutions

Coloured HDPE duct

Freyssinet’s stay cable HDPE duct is coextruded in two interconnected layers to provide the necessary mechanical strength and a high level of resistance to physical and chemical attack. The outer layer can meet the aesthetic requirements of projects, combining colours like a rainbow or simply drawing the flag of a country. Option available for up to 127 stay-cable units, bigger units on demand. Applications: cable-stayed bridges, suspension bridges, extradosed bridges, stadiums.
  • Overall aesthetic casing
  • Highly durable UV protection
  • All RAL codes available, tested for 50 years durability

Integrated lighting module

As an alternative to conventional public lighting, Freyssinet offers lighting modules directly fixed to the stay cables, at the desired height on the outer sheath. The lighting module and fixings are designed to meet all the quality requirements for which Freyssinet stay cables are renowned. Power up to 400 Watts. Applications: cable-stayed bridges, suspension bridges, extradosed bridges, stadiums.
  • Attractive design, customisable to the duct colour,
    adjustable in all directions
  • Perfect integration into the duct and bridge structure
    Excellent wind resistance
  • Easy maintenance and replacement
    No more clash between standard lamp mast and cable stays

Smart LED solution

Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) solutions have become more robust and compact and can now be fully integrated into the cable ducts, transforming any cable-supported bridge into a multi-pixel, remote-controlled LED display stand. The low-consumption LEDs are interconnected by electrical wires and incorporate all the electronics required to transmit power and instructions. The system is compatible with cables over 300m. It can also be installed on an existing cable-supported structures using half-shell assemblies. Applications: cable-stayed bridges, suspension bridges, extradosed bridges, stadiums.
  • Resistance to dust and rainwater (IP66)
    Durability exceeding 100 000 working hours
  • Various LED shapes,
    from 300 mm bar modules to 40 mm round pixels.
    Different layouts available.
    Light intensity adjustable from 0 to 100%.
  • Remote control system.
    Easy maintenance through visual inspection.

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Bai Chay cable-stayed bridge

Concern over the magnitude of wind loading and potential for vibration that was predicted on the Bai Chay cable-stayed bridge in Vietnam led to the introduction of new, compact stay cables.

Russky Island cable-stayed bridge

Russky Island cable-stayed bridge pushed the limit for cable-stayed structures, its main span setting a new world record and demanding extra-long cables designed for the region’s harsh climate.

Cua Dai extradosed bridge using Cohestrand technology

Locally-cohesive Cohestrand technology was successfully produced and installed for the first time on an extradosed highway bridge which crosses the Tra Khuc River to create a coastal bypass of Quang Ngai city.

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