Why choose Freyssinet cable protection solutions for your project

01. A solution for each project

Solutions for each type of risk, which can be combined

02. Fully tested solutions

Our solutions are tested in internationally recognized laboratories such as SEFTIM for ligthning protection.

03. Easy replaceability

All our solutions are designed to be replaceable, regardless of their technology and whether they are mounted on new or existing structures.

04. Specialist development

All solutions are developed in-house by Freyssinet, who precisely specify and control the manufacture.

Cable systems: protection solutions

Fire protection

Fires are common on bridges due to traffic accidents or collisions between trucks and the bridge structure. They can cause cables to collapse, which is a major safety issue especially for closely spaced cables close to or above the roadway. Our fire protection system is qualified to maintain the temperature of the strands < 300 °C for 45 min up to 3h. It consists of a microporous material made from sand and does not affect cable endurance and lifetime. Applications: cable-stayed bridges, suspension bridges, extradosed bridges, stadiums.
  • Various durations of protection available.
  • Adjustable to any stay cable length or diameter
  • Easy to install on new or existing structure
Fire protection specifications

Standard supplies with limited assembly work on site

Height of protection

Up to bridge owner – generally 12m above deck

Duration of protection

45 min, 1h, 2h and 3h available – 10 to 50 mm thickness

Damper compatibility

With any Freyssinet damper: IHD, IRD, EHD

Stay cable behaviour

Stay cable and anchor resistance qualified and guaranteed up to 300°C


Protection against the most severe case: the hydrocarbon fire as per PTI recommendations (PTI DC45.1-18)

Lightning protection

The probability of a bridge being struck by lightning cannot be neglected. Freyssinet offers effective protection for the area not covered by the pylon lightning protection system, according to the highest protection class of the relevant European standard. Full-scale tests have been carried out in recognised laboratories and have qualified our system under real current and lightning strike conditions. Applications: cable-stayed bridges, suspension bridges, extradosed bridges, stadiums.
  • Stainless steel assemblies provide adequate potential
    and conductivity, while improving the corrosion resistance
    of exposed component.
  • The system is almost invisible from afar:
    it is either encased in the stay cable system
    or designed with thin components.
Lightning protection specifications
European Standard

Category 1 class protection as per IEC 62305, highest protection class

Lightning resistance over time

Compliant with long duration lightning current: 750A.s, most powerful stroke defined in the European standard

Lightning resistance by power

Compliant with strokes 200kA 10/350µs, 3,75 times higher than recommended by standard IEC 62305 series

Ice shedding control solutions

Our innovative cable de-icing system offers active and passive protection to bridge users against ice bombs hazards, caused by the debonding of ice from the surface of the ducts. The passive system significantly reduces the amount of ice falling from the cables. The active system, fully integrated into the duct, allows the ice to be removed remotely at any time. Applications: cable-stayed bridges, suspension bridges, extradosed bridges, stadiums.
  • Less bridge closures in winter
  • Possible turnkey combination of passive and
    active solutions with a predictive weather interface
    to optimize energy requirements
  • Low maintenance:
    - Durability of the passive system
    - Easy dismantling of the active system at deck level
Ice shedding control solutions specifications
Passive protection

Innovative micro texture of the duct to promote ice adhesion and limited aerodynamic effect

Active protection

Duct de-icing actuator operating with vibrations

Remote control

Fully compatible with remote control for simultaneous activation of all stays

Compatible with weather forecast

The active system can be coupled with weather forecasts.

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