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Suspension bridge collars

The suspension collar is the key element in the stability for a suspension bridge, as it transfers the tensile forces from the hangers to the main suspension cable. Our solution is characterised by a high level of friction, thanks in particular to the padding of the jaws. Automatic locking ensures product safety: the locking force increases with the load of the cable hanger. Solution available for main suspension cable unit 4 to 192.
  • Control of the dilatation effect on the system
    at low temperature, to maintain the clamping force
  • High durability:
    - 3 levels of corrosion protection
    - Continuity of corrosion protection between
    the Cohestrand used for the hanger and the collar
  • Safety, thanks to the automatic locking system
    Replaceable without dismantling the main suspension cable

Suspension hangers

These suspension hangers are prefabricated with Freyssinet parallel strand system technology, to ensure the same durability as the main suspension cable. They are connected to the bridge deck either by clevis or by standard anchors and are tensioned with light equipment. Maintenance is identical to that of the standard stay cable system. From 4T15 to 55T15, the hanger system is designed for loads up to 700 tonnes. Coloured ducts are available.
  • Durability (100-year lifespan):
    - Double corrosion protection barrier
    fitted over the entire cable, including the anchorages
    - Outstanding fatigue performance
  • Redundancy:
    Each strand is individually protected and anchored,
    which provides a high level of safety
  • Modularity:
    The number of strands is adjusted to the force
    required for the cable

Clamping collars

Freyssinet clamping collar is custom designed for each project and is used on suspended roofs where compression masts are used to support the roof load. The clamp transfers the vertical load to the suspension cables and annular rings. The strand bundle is available in black or white.
  • Custom made for your project,
    in cast or machined steel
  • Transfer of the tangential force
    with a friction coefficient of up to 0.65
  • Durability as high as a cable stay system
    with a 100-year lifespan

Architectural hanger systems

Architectural hanger (HRod) systems can be used as hangers for a structure or as architectural bars or roof supporting elements. Each rod is end-threaded to ensure the connection with a clevis, a coupler or a turnbuckle. The thread is left hand on one end, and right hand on the other end, in order to ease the installation. The maximum length of a single bar is 11,80 m. Angular correction as clevis design allows for 10 mrad of misalignment (i.e. 0.5°), which is usually enough to compensate for potential structural inaccuracies. Higher angles on request. Applications: suspension bridges, buildings, steel structures.
  • Durability as steel hangers are
    galvanised or plated
  • Quick installation and maintenance
  • Large standard range and
    possible custom made solutions

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