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Structural strengthening

Freyssinet offers a full range of structural reinforcement solutions:

Additional prestressing

Freyssinet additional prestressing consists of adding external stresses to modify the stress state of a structure and make it serviceable again or reinforce it to increase its bearing capacity.  

Dry process shotcrete

The shotcrete technique consists of applying concrete by using a stream of compressed air to spray dry material through a nozzle, with hydration optimised at the nozzle.

Ultra High Performance fibre reinforced Concrete (UHPC shotcrete)

UHPC shotcrete, based on Ductal®
, the world reference in Ultra High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete, sustainably reinforces infrastructures (such as metal culverts under roads, dams and bridges) while helping to adapt to deformations in the ground.

Composite reinforcements

Composite reinforcements bonded using resin to concrete, steel, masonry or timber structures provide a reliable, durable reinforcement solution.

Freyssinet offers turnkey services that include the design, sizing and installation of Foreva® reinforcements:

Carbon fibre fabric reinforcements,
Pultruded carbon fibre strips,
Pultruded carbon fibre rods,
Kevlar fibre fabric reinforcements.

UHPC shotcrete solution with Ductal® inside