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Freyssinet has used its civil engineering expertise and knowledge to transfer its technologies to new structures such as cable-stayed stadium roofs.

Freyssinet can provide genuine added value for the supply and installation of stadium roofs. The Cohestrand® cohesive strand enables Freyssinet to meet the durability requirements imposed by cable-stayed roof technologies. The technique makes possible high levels of fatigue resistance, genuine corrosion protection and strand-by-strand installation.

BC Place stadium (Canada)

The benefits of cable-stayed roofs:

Very long unsupported spans,
Rapid installation,
Lightweight structures,
Competitive in comparison to steel roof structures.

The company has completed several flagship projects worldwide, including the Dr S P Multitube stadium (India) and the BC Place stadium in Vancouver (Canada).
Puy du Fou stadium (France)

Products and Techniques:

Stay cables
Suspension cables