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France- the Bouchemaine bridge is undergoing a restoration!

In Maine-et-Loire, Freyssinet is working on restoration of the hanger collars for the Bouchemaine suspension bridge

Linking the communities of
Bouchemaine and Ste Gemmes-sur-Loire and the only bridge in the area providing a direct connection to Angers, the Bouchemaine bridge is used by on average 4,000 vehicles a day. Since the start of the year, renovation works have been taking place as part of the department's maintenance programme for civil engineering structures.

Freyssinet was selected to carry out restoration of the
hanger collars and weight bearing capacity for this three-span bridge which is 200 linear meters in length. The teams have been working on-site since January 2018 undeterred by the site’s constraints: scaffolding on all of the upper section of the bridge for accessing the carrier tendons and hangers; suspended work platforms for access underneath the structure; the presence of asbestos in the existing paintwork.

Built in
1910, the Bouchemaine bridge has quite a history. It was bombed during the Second World War and subsequently reconstructed as a suspension bridge. Since then it has been maintained and renovated over the years, in particular in 1970 and 2008.

The work is scheduled for completion at the end of 2018